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Voycare serves as a bridge for Chinese patients seeking cancer treatment in the U.S.


The U.S. remains the most desired destination for oncology procedures and cancer treatments worldwide, and for good reason.  Some of the most world renowned cancer hospitals and medical schools are in major U.S. cities like Boston, Baltimore, Houston and Los Angeles.

Among one of the rising group of foreign travelers coming to the U.S. for oncology procedures are the Chinese.  Lung cancer is the no. 1 killer in China, with projections of over 1 million Chinese lung cancer patients by 2025.  Currently 67% of Chinese cancer patients’ treatment changed in the U.S.. compared to their treatments at home.  In the U.S. patients undergo the latest targeted therapies, compared to China’s antiquated therapies.

More and more Chinese continue to come to the U.S. for cancer treatment. Currently,  5-year survival rate in cancer patients in U.S. is 60-70%,  compared to 30% in China.


U.S. leads in research

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Global Clinical Trials
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48.53 %
U.S. Clinical Trials
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9.75 %
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